Puppy Training

We run puppy classes in Ashford, Laleham & Byfleet.


The first step to having an obedient well trained dog is to take it to training, and there is no better place to start than at a Kennel Club listed dog training school. 


Puppy Pre Vaccination Training Visit

The first sixteen weeks of a puppy’s life is the most critical time for socialisation and learning new things.  Our one to one home visits are an ideal starting point to shape good behaviours and avoid unwanted behaviours, using modern, reward based training methods.  We can help you with common problems such as chewing, play biting, toilet training, etc.  We will also advise you on how to build essential socialisation skills and show you how to start basic training so you c an confidently guide your puppy towards good habits.  Early training pays huge dividends so give your puppy a head start towards becoming a well balanced, confident, happy dog who is a pleasure to be with. The 1 and a half hour consultation will cost £45, the 6 week courses are £75

Puppy Classes:

The 6 week puppy course will include socialisation along with basic heelwork (walking beside you) sit, down, play and food manners to name a few.

The Next Step:

If you want to further your training the Bronze is the next step.  Remember this is all about goals, something to aim for and have fun with.

Want More!

Now you have the 'bug' Silver & Gold can follow.



The Kennel Club Good Citizen obedience classes at Paws in Harmony consists of six-week puppy classes for dogs from 10 weeks to 11 months of age. All classes are paid for in 6 week blocks with the bronze, silver and gold Kennel Club tests taken when deemed ready. (The latter 3 courses cater for all dogs of all ages). There are certificates and rosettes along the journey. The successful puppy/handler is awarded with a certificate, diary and rosette. The successful bronze, silver & gold dog/handler is awarded with a certificate.


Paws in Harmony Scheme

For those who don't like the idea of tests, Paws in Harmony run their own puppy, bronze, silver & gold scheme, assessing the dog/handler on their ability as they progress. The successful dog/handler is awarded with a certificate.