Ginny Crouch

We have been attending puppy classes with our hound dog Marmalade. The session in Byfleet, run by Kim and the team, has really improved our confidence with handling Marmalade and has been amazing for improving her focus. Each week she gets better and I am proud to see her improvement after each class. Kim is very confident and is clearly an experienced handler/trainer, and is sure to give tailored advice to each individual puppy in the lesson. It is always interesting and educational to watch her correct the dogs using positive training methods, and there is always the offer to ask questions throughout and after the class.

I have a fair amount of experience working with dogs as I have worked in a veterinary surgery and was a dog walker for sometime, but having my own puppy and working with her in a room full of people and distractions is a whole different ball game. Even with my dog experience, I feel like I learn something each class and am excited to continue working with my dog.

The price of the classes is affordable and drinks are always offered.

Thanks to Paws in Harmony and Kim & the team at Byfleet