Barry & Chester


I have two young English Springer Spaniels (both rescue) Bella and Chester who was blind from birth. Thanks to Lyn at Paws in Harmony Chester has achieved his Silver Kennel Club award and where he was frightened of most things due to his dreadful first few months before he was rescued, he is now a very happy dog and content. Bella at present has achieved her Bronze and will soon be taking her Silver KC exam. Lyn at Paws in Harmony believes in small classes so the dogs and their owners get as much attention as possible, unlike other dog trainers that have very large classes and the owners do not get the attention they feel they deserve. I have rescued Springer Spaniels for over thirty years and I find Paws in Harmony one of the very best.

Trond U

If you're looking for a fun, safe environment where you and your dog are welcomed with open arms, a relaxed atmosphere, plenty of laughs and positive energy from the start, then Paws In Harmony is the place for you!

I honestly can't recommend or praise Lynda and her staff highly enough for the way they conduct the classes themselves, but as importantly, how they interact with you and your dog in the process, making it all enjoyable for you and your four-legged companion!

The exercises are brilliant, fun and creative. Classes are kept small and all the trainers take their time with each dog and handler before, during and after the exercises. When I started, my Border Collie puppy was a bit shy around groups of dogs, but after the first session his confidence grew considerably and you could tell he was enjoying the challenges set for him.

With confidence growing, not only with other dogs, but also in his own abilities, we completed the Puppy-course and continued on to Bronze level and he's absolutely loving it all! As there is a good balance of fun and work, my dog has not only picked up essential behavioral skills but found some really good friends as well!

So, in short, I want to give massive thank you's all around to Lynda, Fiona, Clare and Verity for their hard work, humour, invaluable insight and passion shown over the last couple of months! We couldn't have done it without you and hope to be progressing through Bronze, Silver and Gold with your help!

Jill Koops

We were the proud owners of a cockapoo who turned out to be the liveliest puppy on the planet. Exhausting and somewhat worrying fearing that we were going to have a challenging time turning the little puppy into a well adjusted dog. We were extraordinarily lucky enough to be recommended to Lynda. She has turned our dog into a wonderful and loving dog who is now well on her way into becoming an obedient little treasure (which we thought would be virtually impossible). Believe me, we couldn't have done this without Lynda's skill and patience in teaching us and the dog how to work with each other. Lynda has a magical touch which is both assertive, kind and humorous. She has such an empathy with the dogs as well as with her clients to whom she is always so welcoming. We shall continue to go to classes not only for the dog but also because Lynda makes them such fun! Keep up the marvellous work Lynda.

Angela Mistry

Discovered this new dog training school in New Haw which is great.  Really friendly and helpful learnt lots already.   My dog is actually doing what I ask. I'm amazed at just how quickly the trainers showed me how to get the best out of him.

Pat With Hettie

We have been attending Paws in Harmony, Staines for almost 3 months with our lurcher puppy Hettie and even in that short time the difference in her behaviour is amazing. Hettie really looks forward to going to lessons on a Thursday evening as Lynda makes them fun and interesting and is always on hand with useful tips for us humans too.


Claudia & KT

My puppy and I started to go to Paws in Harmony classes when she was 14 weeks old. To be honest, we did not quite know what we were looking for or what to expect. Now she is almost 2 years old and both of us have learned so much more than just basic obedience. In fact, I have probably learned more than my puppy as Lynda makes sure to teach the handler responsible dog ownership and how to correctly handle and train their dogs. The classes are small and everybody gets a chance to get to know each other. The atmosphere is very friendly and comfortable, no question is too stupid and any concerns are discussed and explained in the group using Lynda's vast experience. The training exercises are fun and creative. Lynda always has something new up her sleeve that is a challenge for dog and owner. By introducing elements from Heelwork to Music and Agility she also adds different flavours to the "normal" training courses. The way Lynda manages to turn training exercises into a fun experience is just perfect and both my dog and I look forward to "Puppy classes" every week. Lynda runs her own Paws in Harmony Scheme based on The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme but with far more points to cover. If you are uncomfortable with tests there is nothing to worry about as the tests are part of the normal course. This is to keep track of your achievements and something to work towards to. If you want to get The Kennel Club's Good Citizen Dog Scheme then Lynda can arrange for a judge to come by and test you. She will make sure that you are ready and provide you with all the help you need. I cannot recommend Paws in Harmony enough. For us this is the best class we could have gotten into. Although KT passed Lyn's Gold and the KC GCDS Gold and almost 2 years have passed we are still going to a mixed class for Heelwork to Music and Obedience because it's a fun thing to do and we thoroughly enjoy the classes, the training and the social component very much. Thank you Lynda.

Penny Dixon

I cannot recommend these dog training classes highly enough. We were looking not just for obedience classes but more to socialise our rescue boxer Lily. We adopted her over a year ago and began to realise she just wasn't used to other dogs. Therefore as well as a bit of guidance for some day to day obedience tasks including the usual sits and stays and recall etc we wanted to see if we could get her used to being with other dogs. Lynda and her team - Verity and Claire are excellent trainers and communicators. Over the last 12 weeks both us as owners and Lily have learnt so much. Lily has relaxed and become much much calmer and better with other dogs and she has learnt to listen more to us as well. The main thing that we have learnt though is that whilst it's a dog training class - it's a lot about how you are with your dog and so really it was great training for us as owners as well. This has given us more confidence as well - and although I have grown up always having a dog therefore thinking I knew a lot about them - really I didn't know much at all - there's so much to learn. Both my husband and I attended with Lily and it was always a very relaxed and fun environment but allowing the dogs and us always to learn thus achieving exactly what we all wanted. The small classes allow everyone to have one to one attention whilst enabling all to benefit from everyone's different situations. As I said, I would highly recommend this to everyone as Lynda will do her best to put you with similar dogs and like-minded people. It is also fantastic value for money - the effort the three ladies go to is excellent and the three of them make the classes really enjoyable and thoroughly worthwhile.

Julie Bremner

We began training with our puppy with another school class but were not happy with their facilities and a friend recommended Lynda. She was really helpful at getting us into a class straight away so we could continue training. Her classes are small, friendly and inspire confidence. The facilities Lynda has are excellent; warm clean, dry and with a very welcome cup of tea! Each dog has plenty of individual time and attention with lots of advice and support given to us. Our puppy is doing really well and we have learnt a lot about how to handle him, the classes are good fun for us all and I would definitely recommend Lynda to anyone thinking of getting a puppy.

Ginny Crouch

We have been attending puppy classes with our hound dog Marmalade. The session in Byfleet, run by Kim and the team, has really improved our confidence with handling Marmalade and has been amazing for improving her focus. Each week she gets better and I am proud to see her improvement after each class. Kim is very confident and is clearly an experienced handler/trainer, and is sure to give tailored advice to each individual puppy in the lesson. It is always interesting and educational to watch her correct the dogs using positive training methods, and there is always the offer to ask questions throughout and after the class.

I have a fair amount of experience working with dogs as I have worked in a veterinary surgery and was a dog walker for sometime, but having my own puppy and working with her in a room full of people and distractions is a whole different ball game. Even with my dog experience, I feel like I learn something each class and am excited to continue working with my dog.

The price of the classes is affordable and drinks are always offered.

Thanks to Paws in Harmony and Kim & the team at Byfleet