Jacqui - Trainer/Owner

I am the new owner of Paws in Harmony.  (2019)

I work as a Trainer at our Ashford, Laleham and Byfleet venues.

I also cover Staines, Ashford and surrounding areas for one to one training and puppy home visits.

My Border collie and husky/malamute have both gone through the Kennel club GCDS.



What more can I ask.

Kim - Trainer

My name is Kim.

I run the Paws in Harmony puppy & dog training classes in Byfleet. I am also the trainer who covers Byfleet & the surrounding areas for puppy home visits & one to one training sessions.

I am a Certified Puppy Specialist & also have certificates in Canine Body Language, Separation Anxiety, Car Travel, Introducing Clicker Training, Puppy Socialisation & Loose Lead Walking.

I have 7 dogs of my own - 4 of whom have completed their Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Level.

I am constantly researching training methods & have been taking part in online webinars during the Covid-19 lockdown.

I get an immense sense of achievement working with people & their pups. There is nothing so rewarding as seeing all the pieces of the jigsaw fitting together - happy hoomans, happy pups!

Jay - Trainer

Hi, I'm Jay and am a dog trainer at Paws in Harmony. I have worked at Paws in Harmony since July 2015, and I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of the training.

Chris Assistant Trainer

I'm Chris and I'm an assistant trainer at Paws in Harmony.  I love training the dogs and working with Kim on a regular basis. It's such a great opportunity to work with the dogs and their owners. I hope to continue it long into the future as I find it very rewarding and enjoyable.

Emma - Assistant Trainer

My name is Emma and I am an assistant trainer working with both Jacqui and Jay. I am currently training to become a Trainer. I've loved dogs all my life and think training them, whether it be obedience or tricks, is one of the most fun things you can do with your dog! These are my two, Sandy (Black Spaniel) and Conker (Red and White Collie). By day I am a Dog Groomer and have been for 8 years, so if anyone has any grooming questions please feel free to ask me!