Lynda Smith - Trainer / Founder
I have owned and trained dogs for more than 40 years, am part of the Kennel Club Dog Trainers Accreditation Scheme, a qualified clicker trainer and a Kennel Club judge. Having competed in Agility, Competition Obedience and Heelwork to Music with my own dogs,  I have also represented Paws n Music at Crufts Dog Activities for 3 years.
I have been training dogs / owners since August 2005 and enjoy helping people to reach goals with their dogs that they thought were impossible - seeing their dogs flourish as the 'team' grows in confidence is extremely rewarding to me.
Jacqui - Trainer/Owner

I am the new owner of Paws in Harmony. Amazing as it is I am still in shock (2019)

It all started with me working my dogs at Paws in Harmony. I enjoyed the classes so much, when Lynda asked me to become a helper I jumped at the chance. It wasn't long before I found myself as an assistant trainer. It quickly became clear to me that not only did I love working my own dogs but helping other people accomplish unexpected goals with their dogs was rewarding for both them and myself, I was hooked!

At this point Lynda started mentoring and guiding me with her wealth of knowledge and experience. With 26 classes running there was no disputing people loved the group.

But_ _ _ there was more to come. Lynda, the founder of Paws in Harmony decided on semi-retirement, and asked how I felt about running the club as the new owner! One thing run through me , she had faith and trust in me! So today with even more responsibility, I am still enjoying every minute, training classes, home visits, training children at local schools with the school puppy and striving to keep the excellent name and reputation that has been built up!


The rest is history_ _ _!


What more can I ask.

Gillian - Trainer

I've been helping people train their dogs for a few years, plus training my own. I feel a sense of achievement when people have told me training was a last resort before giving up on their dogs but now they are really happy with them. I find training great fun and very rewarding. I want people to enjoy training their dogs while achieving a happy obedient dog. I've found dogs love training and want to please their owners and seek rewards.

Verity - Trainer

Hi, I'm Verity. I have been training with Lynda for the last three and a half years and been one of her helpers for the last year and a half.


I have always had a passion for animals and had them around me while I was growing up. I completed a college course in 2011 on animal management, behaviour and welfare. While studying for my college course I acquired a crazy collie puppy who I was not prepared for!  However with the help of Lynda I have managed to shape him (or maybe he has shaped me) into a well rounded companion dog. Through having him I have developed a passion for training dogs and so have enrolled in the Kennel Club Accredited Instructors scheme for dog training.

Kim - Trainer

I'm Kim & I'm relatively new to the Paws in Harmony team.

I've grown up around dogs & now have 7 of my own!

I started training classes over 18 months ago, as an owner, & have trained 4 of my dogs with Lynda & the team.

I initially came on board as a trainer assistant & have recently taken on my own class as a trainer!

I absolutely love working with the pups & their owners - I have the best job ever!

Jay - Trainer

Hi, I'm Jay and an assistant dog trainer at Paws in Harmony. I originally worked in accounts and felt I needed a career change for a while. I went to some of Lynda's (Paws in Harmony) dog training classes, and I was absolutely hooked. I have always had a soft spot for dogs but the classes just confirmed how much I really loved these intelligent and clever creatures. I have worked at Paws in Harmony since July 2015, and I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of the training.

Lesley - Assistant Trainer

I'I have owned & trained Golden Retrievers since 1997, I also work and show them.  They also make great family pets. Training my dogs is a huge part of my life, so the opportunity to help in classes and train at Paws in Harmony is a great extension to what I already enjoy doing.

Debbie - Assistant Trainer

I have had dogs since I was 7 years old. Mainly Border Collies with the exception of Moomoo my Jack Russell.  So I am well aware of the difficulties you can have trying to train them.


Also I have always wanted to work with dogs so I took a leap of faith whilst working at the airport as  a Loadmaster. (Loading your baggage and freight in the belly of the aircraft and ensuiring that everything is locked in and safe to fly), and did a City & Guilds course in Dog Grooming, back in early 2007.


Obviously from there I started my own grooming business and cut the strings from the airport in July 2007. The first few years was a struggle. but now have a very busy salon where I work with my husband Alan and my employee Emma. (All of us are City & Guilds qualified).


I help at Paws in Harmony on a Thursday evening. If you have any questions regarding grooming, I am more than happy to help/advise you.



Chris Assistant Trainer

I'm Chris and I'm an assistant trainer at Paws in Harmony. I started off training my dogs with Lynda in one of her classes, and later joined the team as an assistant trainer! I love training the dogs and working with Kim on a regular basis. It's such a great opportunity to work with the dogs and their owners. I hope to continue it long into the future as I find it very rewarding and enjoyable.

Emma - Assistant Trainer

My name is Emma and I'm an assistant trainer on a Wednesday evening. I've loved dogs all my life and think training them, whether it be obedience or tricks, is one of the most fun things you can do with your dog! These are my two, Sandy (Black Spaniel) and Conker (Red and White Collie). By day I am a Dog Groomer and have been for 6 years, so if anyone has any grooming questions please feel free to ask me!

Peter - Formation Team Manager

Having lived with a family dog when I was a child, I always promised myself that once I had the time to devote to a dog I would get one.

When that day came and we went to Battersea to look for a suitable dog, it seemed that Georgia was there waiting for us.

I’ve had great fun training Georgia and taking her up to Diamond status.  The Formation Team is a great vehicle for further socialising the dogs… and their owners!