Paws in Harmony dog training club is a Kennel Club listed organisation running classes in Ashford, Laleham (Edinburgh Drive) and Byfleet . It is dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership and helps the dog owner to achieve a well behaved and balanced dog using reward based non harsh training techniques. We pride ourselves in keeping small friendly classes, which allows all the owners time with their dog to gain confidence in each exercise and means they don't feel lost in a crowd. It also allows for us to work on the individual training needs the owners have. Our training is suitable for all ages of dog and owner and based on the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme. With puppies this will start with the puppy Foundation and older dogs the Bronze Award, to the level you require for you and your dog, through Silver and Gold if you wish. We run daytime and evening classes in Ashford and Byfleet and evening classes in Laleham. A 6 week course costs £65 and you will be placed in a class best suited to you and your dogs need.

The Duchess of Cambridge awarding Bear his Kennel Club GCDS Puppy award in January 2018

Paws in Harmony have been working with the pupils of Reach Academy in Feltham to train Bear, the school puppy. It was a pleasure to see Bear pass his puppy Kennel Club GCDS & was made all the more special when it was awarded to the children & Bear by the Duchess of Cambridge. It was a lovely morning when the Duchess made her visit to the school, and while there meet with the children training Bear, Jay & myself. Over the weeks we have been working with the 26 pupils who applied for the job! The children have been amazing & so good to work with. To even things up a little for Bear, I have also been taking Foxy (my 5yr old Tibetan Terrier) who has done a great job of working with the children & Bear. The children have since been awarded a Bronze KC GCDS award for both Bear & Foxy. They are now working on the next level of silver. It has been, and still is our pleasure watching the children enjoy working through the list of exercises required to pass the KC levels. Karen (Attendance Officer) who looks after Bear at home between school times, has also been the overseer throughout & sees we all get our needs met.

Thank you to both Karen & Reach Academy

Lynda & Jay at Paws in Harmony